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Trace Minerals for Cattle on Range

Trace minerals support an array of biological functions that are required for proper immune function, reproduction, and growth. Trace minerals are present in forages and other feeds used in cattle diets and, with the exception of cobalt, this will meet the trace mineral requirements of rumen microbes. However, supplementation is needed to meet the needs of the animal.

Intellibond C
Intellibond Z
Intellibond M

IntelliBond hydroxy trace minerals have abilities based on their strong covalent bonds and a unique crystalline structure. Three of these abilities are of significance to beef cattle on range.

  • Palatability – studies show beef calves prefer supplements containing IntelliBond more than 2 to 1 versus sulfate trace minerals.
  • Bioavailability – high bioavailability means the minerals are available for absorption.
  • Digestibility – unlike sulfate trace minerals, IntelliBond does not harm fiber digesting microbes in the rumen.

Optimin organic trace minerals are true chelates with multiple covalent bonds that confer greater stability and superior bioavailability. These characteristics help animals to maintain performance during challenges and stressful conditions.

Micro Blends are a sulfate-free package of trace minerals designed to meet the trace mineral needs of beef cattle.